That’s What You Get for Not Locking the Door

Calen just woke up from a nap and came to our room where I’m doing homework. Typically, our first question for him is, “Do you need to go potty?” His answer today was normal. “No, ummm, yeah.” So I instructed him to go potty. He walked to our bathroom and opened the door, only to come face to face with his Daddy. The following is the conversation, as I listened from the bedroom.

Daddy: Hey.
Cal: Hey.
Daddy: Whatcha doin?
Cal: I need to go potty.
Daddy: Well, I’m going potty. We can’t potty at the same time.
Cal: Nope.
Daddy: Well, what are we gonna do?
Cal: We can take turns.
Daddy: Okay. Since I’m already here, can I go first?
Cal: No.
Daddy: Please?
Cal: Yeah.
Daddy: Can you wait?
Cal: Yeah.
(Then, he apparently continued to stand there and stare at his father.)
Daddy: So you’re gonna wait right there?
Cal: Yeah.

By this time, Johnathan and I were both laughing so he figured he would just abdicate the throne to his son.

Kylie’s Baby Shower

Kylie had her second baby shower today. This one was hosted by our church small group. While I can’t personally vouch for anything, it sounds like it went very well. Jesse and I kept the boys at the house during the estrogen-fest. Attached are some pictures though:

Moving up in gymnastics

Mallory moved up to the 6-13 yr class at gymnastics tonight, and had a great time. She get’s to start doing things like the balance beam, uneven bars, and some vaults. She also found out about the chalk and made sure to cover her hands real good… :) Here are some pictures from tonight:

Saturday Morning Funny

I love lazy Saturday mornings where you get to sleep late. I just wish our kids felt the same way. Their internal clocks need a later setting for weekends.
It usually starts with Calen coming down and getting in bed with us. Then comes the inevitable, “Daddy [Mommy]…I want milk with chocolate and strawberry in it.” You can put it off for a little while in an effort for just a little more sleep, but it just keeps coming back…again, and again, and again…until your defenses have been shattered and you drag yourself to the kitchen and make the concoction with one eye open.
This morning, after fighting the battle, Johnathan decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. Cal was playing on my iPad and Johnathan started saying “Calen, I want some pancakes, make me some pancakes…” over and over. Calen’s reply, “No…I don’t bake.”

Raccoons eat Mentos?

So I was reading one of Mallory’s AR books to her tonight. And she was observing some interesting facts while we were reading… for example, on one page there were some ducks that were diving down to catch some food, and while they dove, their tails stuck out above water. She said that they were Wood Ducks, because she saw on TV that Wood Ducks keep their tails above water like that. I haven’t confirmed it yet, but she convinced me… :)

Then we got to a page where there was a raccoon eating something, and she said… it’s a raccoon eating a Mentos.

raccoon mentos

We were a little perplexed by how confident that she was that the raccoon was eating a Mentos… so we questioned her a little trying to find out what made her think it was a Mentos… so she showed us…


Easter 2013

Calen’s First Soccer Season

Well, it got off to a slow start. Calen loved soccer practice, but not so much on the game itself. So it was a struggle to get him to stay out on the court more than 10 minutes… Sometimes we tried bribing… sometimes threats… sometimes we ignored him… but all but once, we made him go anyway. The funny thing was that he seemed to pick up more interest as the season went along, and by the last game, he was all over it.

Here are a few pictures from our last couple games… I’ll add some more from the other games when I get them off the card.