That’s What You Get for Not Locking the Door

Calen just woke up from a nap and came to our room where I’m doing homework. Typically, our first question for him is, “Do you need to go potty?” His answer today was normal. “No, ummm, yeah.” So I instructed him to go potty. He walked to our bathroom and opened the door, only to come face to face with his Daddy. The following is the conversation, as I listened from the bedroom.

Daddy: Hey.
Cal: Hey.
Daddy: Whatcha doin?
Cal: I need to go potty.
Daddy: Well, I’m going potty. We can’t potty at the same time.
Cal: Nope.
Daddy: Well, what are we gonna do?
Cal: We can take turns.
Daddy: Okay. Since I’m already here, can I go first?
Cal: No.
Daddy: Please?
Cal: Yeah.
Daddy: Can you wait?
Cal: Yeah.
(Then, he apparently continued to stand there and stare at his father.)
Daddy: So you’re gonna wait right there?
Cal: Yeah.

By this time, Johnathan and I were both laughing so he figured he would just abdicate the throne to his son.

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