It hurts so good…

So Angie and I finally decided we were going to do something active and agreed that we could be each others best cheerleader. As much as I don’t like TV infomercials, I’m sure you’ve all seen the ads for P90X… I talked to some coworkers who ordered it and were working hard, but enjoying it. It seemed like a good option for us since we could do it at home with minimal equipment. Part of our constraint is that with the kids, we can’t get out together on a consistent basis to the gym or run… one of us has to keep any eye on the kids. That’s a huge benefit of P90X or any home workout I guess… we can do it together after the kids go to bed.

So we ordered it and started this past Tuesday. We are doing the “Lean” workout, which is a little less weight intensive… more cardio. The plan has us working out for about an hour each day, six days per week. Each of the sessions is different which is nice… no boredom. Yoga is the longest at 1.5 hours… so far it’s my least favorite!

Happy to report that we are now 6 days in… we’ve done all of the first week workouts, and tonight is either resting, or stretching. Angie may have pulled a muscle last night during the “Ab Ripper X workout. Hopefully it will feel better soon and the rest day will help.

We are trying to combine this with eating better, so the hope is that in 90 days we are “ripped”! We’ll see. We took some before pictures, which I’m sure we will only share IF we end up “ripped”… otherwise, they may find their way to some password protected directory. :)