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Update: December 27, 2009… well Google has bought my allegiance… at least temporarily. I’ve been on a kick lately to better organize our pictures, and to tag people, so I can search for all of the pictures of a certain person. That being said, the integration with PicasaWeb seems much faster and more straightforward, than trying to upload to SmugMug. Despite the superior features and look of SmugMug, I’m leaning back toward the PicasaWeb album. We’ll try to keep both up to date until a final decision is made, but for now, Picasa will probably be kept up more often.

Here’s the link:

NEW (AGAIN) – TheBrandonFamily Web Album

Update: August 12, 2009
– We are trying out a new service for the web albums called SmugMug. New albums will be added to SmugMug for now… let us know what you think about it versus the older Picassa Web Albums.

Here is the link to the SmugMug WEB ALBUM:

TheBrandonFamily Web Album

Here is the link to the Picasa Web Album:

OLD – TheBrandonFamily Web Album

If you want to download Picasa to use at home, you can do so here:

Download Picasa

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