Daddy Daughter Dance

I had a date the other night… Mallory and I went to a Daddy Daughter dance at her school. It was a lot of fun, especially to see how excited she was about it. She got a new dress and changed her earrings. I even let her wear a little bit of her moms perfume. She picked out my tie and buttoned my jacket before we left.

It was a double date with her friend Piper and Pipers dad. We all ate at a Mexican restaurant in Eagleville. Then we went to the dance. Mallory shifted between dancing and playing with balloons. All in all it was fantastic. I’m not a dancer, but when your 6 yr old daughter gets dressed up and reaches out for your hand, you dance.

Moving up in gymnastics

Mallory moved up to the 6-13 yr class at gymnastics tonight, and had a great time. She get’s to start doing things like the balance beam, uneven bars, and some vaults. She also found out about the chalk and made sure to cover her hands real good… :) Here are some pictures from tonight:

On the Phone with Mallory

Mallory has a new interest – calling my cell phone from the house phone and pretending to be other people. Today, she was Katnanny first. You’ll need to know for the purposes of this conversation, that Kat is currently on a plane on her way here.

Me: “Hello?”
Mal: “This is Katnanny. I’m not coming.”
Me: “Why not?!”
Mal: “Well, I got a flat tire, and I’m waiting for a police to come and help.”
Me: “I thought you were flying here.”
Mal: “Actually, I got the flat tire on the way to the airport.”

I think we are in big trouble when she becomes a teenager.

Next was our babysitter, Bailey. A couple of weeks ago, we went to see her at Starbucks and got hot chocolate.

Me: “Hello?”
Mal: “Hi, it’s Bailey. Can you bring the kids to come get some hot chocolate? I don’t have any customers.”
Me: “I’m in the middle of doing some things. Can we come tomorrow?”
Mal: “Well, tomorrow I’ll have hundreds of customers. I need some today.”

In the time I got the first paragraph of this blog written, I received 3 or 4 more from “Katnanny” telling be about her new son “Spiderman” (a.k.a. Calen) that just came out of her belly this morning….he was too shy to talk to me. And apparently, Poppa is in time out because he threw a fit for big eggs this morning before she went to the hospital. Oh, and if I bring Calen (the real Calen, of course) to the hospital, I have to keep him from jumping on the bed because she “can’t have kids doing physical activity on the bed” since she just had surgery this morning.

Where does she get this stuff?

As a side note: Now they are in the living room buying gifts for kids that otherwise wouldn’t get anything for Christmas. Apparently, they were paying attention when we went shopping for our angels…and I thought they were just hiding in the clothes racks.

Elizabeth’s Princess Tea Party

Mallory’s friend Elizabeth had a princess tea party for her birthday. Mallory dressed up as Snow White, and had a great time!

Mallory Waiting For Bus – 1st Full Day of Kindergarten

This is a raw video of Mallory’s first day riding the bus. She’s not quite found the excitement in capturing her thoughts for later viewing, but hopefully family and friends will enjoy. My card ran out of space, so the end is a little abrupt. Figured I’d get it up and posted for viewing rather than spend a lot of time editing.

Daddy has a huge butt

I’m playing around with a way to play my own videos without YouTube. I kind of like the idea of being self-sufficient. This JW Player plugin allows me to host my own videos. Didn’t stream with a .mov file off my iphone, but seems to work well with this .m4v. It’s a couple years old, but still makes me laugh.

Preschool 2012 Pictures

This is a little late, but better late than never. The kids had some pictures taken at Holly Tree (preschool) back in June, and they turned out great. We ordered the CD, so here are the shots.