Daddy has a huge butt

I’m playing around with a way to play my own videos without YouTube. I kind of like the idea of being self-sufficient. This JW Player plugin allows me to host my own videos. Didn’t stream with a .mov file off my iphone, but seems to work well with this .m4v. It’s a couple years old, but still makes me laugh.

Preschool 2012 Pictures

This is a little late, but better late than never. The kids had some pictures taken at Holly Tree (preschool) back in June, and they turned out great. We ordered the CD, so here are the shots.

Mallory Kindergarten – Part 2

So Mallory made it home from kindergarten today with only a few hiccups. We were all excited to see the bus coming up the street. She had a great day, but did look exhausted when she got home. Seems she missed lunch though. We sent her with a snack (a fruit snack and some goldfish) in a brown paper bag. We also sent her with some lunch money. Well, it seems she ate her fruit snack for lunch, rather than going through the line, and had her goldfish for snack. I expect she’ll eat pretty good for dinner tonight, but now we know we need to be a little more careful there. Her and Piper did get to play together during recess. All of the kindergartners go out at the same time, so that’s nice. First full day is in the bag… now we can rest for the weekend, and get ready for her first full week!

Here are some more pictures… videos will come… I promise.

Mallory Starts Kindergarten!

Mallory started with a girls only half day of kindergarten on Wednesday. We took her and Angie picked her up. Today, she started her first full day of kindergarten, and even rode the bus with her bff Piper. The girls were pretty excited about riding the bus. The moms, not so much. :) More pictures to come, and a few videos once I have time to edit them.

More Mallory Graduation Pictures

All (most) of the good pictures have been posted to the web album, but here are a few directly in the post.

Mallory – No Training Wheels

Mallory graduated from preschool on Friday and starts kindergarten this week. Her Uncle Matt also graduated this weekend with his MBA, so to mark the occasion, she decided she was ready to try riding her bike without training wheels. We started in the yard and this video is her very first few attempts. She picked it up pretty quick though, so we moved to the road, and started working on turning.

Here’s a picture of the two graduates after a family lunch celebrating Matt’s accomplishment.

Matt graduated with his MBA, and Mallory graduated from preschool.

Mallory Video Interview

Mallory was home sick today… or kind of sick at least. Her tonsils looked swollen and we thought she was about to get sick. Her throat hurt as well, so we figured it might be strep. We kept her home, but she ended up being fine… and will be back to school tomorrow. We did have a few minutes for an interview though. I thought it might be cool to capture some of her thoughts and she can look back on it as she grows up. Windows Movie Maker wasn’t too hard to use, so maybe we can do more of these in the future.

Kylie considers the military

A few weeks ago, Kylie shared with Angie and I that she was considering the military. I don’t remember what my first reaction to her was, but I remember feeling a combination of concern for her physical (and emotional) safety, questions as to how committed she is to the idea, and pride that she would be one of the many men and women who serve our country and protect our freedoms. I still struggle with those same feelings today. We’ve talked a number of times since then, and today I went with her to visit the Air Force and Army recruiters. She had visited each already and collected a lot of information. She had also taken her ASVAB so she was able to discuss what jobs in each branch she qualifies for.

Going into the meetings today, I had been told that her experience with the Army recruiter was very positive, but that her meeting with the Air Force recruiter did not go as well. It sounded like they generally didn’t get off on a good note, and the meeting never recovered. I was curious about what the interaction would be like today. I should also add here that after talking to various friends and family who either have experience in the military or know someone who has, the overwhelming response was to lean toward the Air Force. The justification seemed primarily to center around quality of life, in that the housing, food, and facilities on Air Force bases was higher quality. This was followed by the generalization that she would be less likely to find herself in or around combat with the Air Force. If you see my concerns above, you’ll understand me when I say as proud as I will be for her service, I’ll be just as proud (and will probably sleep better) if that service is here in the states or in an area not currently experiencing conflict.

The meetings with both recruiters went well. Both men did a good job of explaining the benefits of their given branches, and their feedback seemed to confirm the comments around quality, though it sounds like the Army is making progress in this area. After hearing from both and asking them a number of questions, my thoughts to Kylie were that it may very well come down to the job she wants to do, so her next step is to determine the top 10 jobs in each branch that she qualifies for, and see where there are similarities and differences. Her eyes lit up when the Army recruiter mentioned a female special ops group that the Army now has, but it sounded like it was only available to enlisted soldiers.

As she narrows down the list of jobs, she’ll meet with each of them again to determine what’s available, complete her physical (which may refine the list further) and choose a branch and a job. I guess realistically, she could be signing up in the next couple weeks. That seems way too fast, but I guess there aren’t too may steps that can be inserted at this point. In both cases, it would be at least 6 months before she shipped out to basic training.

She still has the opportunity to change her mind, and we’ll support her decision either way. I think the military would bring some discipline and structure that Kylie could excel in and who knows, she may find that she wants to make a career out of it. Apparently 20 years is all it takes to reach retirement, so she might very well beat me if that is the case. For now, we’ll continue to pray for her and her decision and support her in any way we can. If you would also be willing to pray for her, Angie and I would appreciate it greatly. As things progress, I’ll try to remember to post an update.

A few milestones

We’ve had a few milestones, and while I won’t go into a tremendous amount of detail, I will put them out here (and may at some point come back and try to fill in some details).

1. Calen is starting to get his second molars… this may be why he’s been a little “testy” lately.
2. Calen has pee-pee’d on the potty… He’s not yet potty trained, but it is good that he shows interest and is excited by the prospect. Now we just need to pick a long weekend to try and close the deal.
3. Kylie is considering joining the military. Right now it’s between the Army (with the nice recruiter) or the Air Force (with the jerk recruiter). I’m going with her on Wednesday to visit both. It’s a scary prospect, and while we are certainly concerned for her safety, we would be proud for her to serve and protect our country and believe it could be a good experience for her. We’ll see how it ends up.
4. Mallory is playing soccer with her BFF next door (Piper). It’s amazing to think we are already at the stage where she’s beginning to start organized sports, and she’ll be in kindergarten this fall…

I’m sure there are lot’s of other things going on… but those are the ones that come to mind… Hopefully by making shorter more milestone driven posts, I can convince myself to make them more often.