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UPDATED: December 27, 2009

Our Family This is our larger happy family. Since the last update, we’ve officially added Mallory Grace Brandon (Tater), and more recently, Calen Christopher Brandon (Tater2). Calen is pronounced like it is in “calendar” if you are wondering. Kylie is now a student at UT Chattanooga and doing well. Our Rottweiler Major passed away last year due to cancer, and Cole now lives on a farm with a friend where he get’s much more attention and free roam then we were able to offer with the kids.

As far as changes: Our schedule doesn’t allow for as much time with the youth at church as we would like. We’ve had to give up Wednesday nights for now, but I’m still teaching on Sunday mornings. We took a marriage class last year called Dynamic Marriage, and absolutely loved it. It caused us not only to continue to invest in our marriage consciously, but also to want to minister to others and their marriages. As a result, we took facilitator training for the class, and will host our first class at our church in Jan, 2010. If you are married, happily or otherwise, and have the opportunity to take a Dynamic Marriage class near you… do it. I believe it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your spouse, and your family.

I’ve given up on MySpace, but do have a Facebook (nice for keeping up with everyone) and a Linked In. Look me up if you out there. Angie has been diligent in staying off of Facebook, so I’ll have to do for now. I’m still working on her though.

More to come in the future. Thanks for stopping by.

OLD DETAILS March 31, 2007

Our Family This is our happy family Angie (plus Tater), Kylie and myself… As of this update (and picture), Angie is 6 months pregnant. We live in Arrington, TN and have two dogs: Major the Rottweiler and Cole the Lab. I started this blog shortly after we found out Angie was pregnant in hopes that we could capture some of the events and ideas throughout the pregnancy. It’s obvious that she posts more than I do, but that’s ok because she’s funnier than I am.

Angie and I both work with the youth group at our church. A large portion of our time has been spent at Wed night youth group or on trips to Jr. or Sr. High conferences. I don’t think either of us would trade it, though I expect our involvement will slow down just a bit after “Tater” gets here. Oh yeah… I guess I should mention that we are not finding out whether the baby is a boy or girl, at least not until the big day… so in the mean time we refer to him/her as “Tater”. Hopefully it won’t stick.

Not much else to say… I guess for more insight into our lives, you’ll just have to read the blogs. :)

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Franklin Christian Church – Where we worship

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