Daddy Daughter Dance

I had a date the other night… Mallory and I went to a Daddy Daughter dance at her school. It was a lot of fun, especially to see how excited she was about it. She got a new dress and changed her earrings. I even let her wear a little bit of her moms perfume. She picked out my tie and buttoned my jacket before we left.

It was a double date with her friend Piper and Pipers dad. We all ate at a Mexican restaurant in Eagleville. Then we went to the dance. Mallory shifted between dancing and playing with balloons. All in all it was fantastic. I’m not a dancer, but when your 6 yr old daughter gets dressed up and reaches out for your hand, you dance.

Some funny’s from the kids

I often forget to capture some of the funny things our kids say as they grow up, and since we’ve had a couple just in the last few days, I thought I’d capture them here.

The whole family has had a stomach bug the past few weeks and while the kids took it like champs, Angie and I were ready to be put out of our misery. Mallory also just had her ear surgery to repair the whole from her tube in the right ear. As a result, she was on an antibiotic to help ensure it doesn’t get infected. The antibiotic tears up her stomach, so we weren’t sure if she was sick because of the bug, or the medicine.

I picked up some Imodium to see if it would help, and it was green and mint flavored. She tried a quick taste, and her first reply was:

“It’s not playing out how I thought when I first saw it…. I thought it would taste like green eggs and ham.” :)

Not too long after that her stomach got better and so she was ready to go back to school. While Angie was getting ready one morning, Mallory was listening to Bible stories on her phone and the story said “Pharaoh made Joseph ruler over all of Egypt”… to which Mallory replied… “That’s a big opportunity!” HA! Yes it is…

And then last night we went to dinner with our friends the Kidds and on the way home Calen was playing a motorcycle game on Angie’s phone. He has been playing this game every chance he get’s, and has gotten pretty good at it. As we were talking about it, Angie referred to it as a “Dirt Bike” and Calen didn’t miss a beat and came back with “It’s not a Dirt Bike… it’s a CLEAN Bike!”

I love our kids!