Halloween 2015

The kids picked their own costumes this year. Mallory chose the bride of Frankenstein. She has been into the show Monster High which may have influenced her decision. Calen chose a skeleton. Both were eager to get into character.

The big worry was the weather. Leading up to Halloween, it looked as if it were going to rain all evening, so it was a blessing when about the time we were ready to head out, the rain stopped. I made a pass with Kylie and Keira (as well as our friends John and his son Logan) around the short loop, while Angie went with Mallory and Calen around the big loop.

Chuck and Kat stayed back at the house to hand out candy, though Trick or Treat traffic was slow this year. A smart group of older kids stopped by about half hour after the rest of the trick or treaters were done “batting cleanup”, and so they each received a large handful in hopes of reduce the chances that we have a pile of candy in the house until Easter.



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